Good Workplace Posture is Important

by admin on March 24, 2016

Good Structure=good function; therefore, poor structure= poor function. Here are some postural recommendations to make your workplace optimal for good body posture and function:

-Sit upright & aligned with your ears and shoulders centered over your hips.

– Sit centered and close to your equipment to avoid leaning and stretching to reach the desk and keyboard or other equipment.

– If possible, use a phone headset to avoid balancing the phone between your ear and shoulder. This will help eliminate muscle stress and vertebrae misalignment.

– Sit with your feet flat on the floor and your knees a little lover than your hips.

– Periodic movement and stretching is highly advised, even for a couple of minutes at your desk. This helps prevent muscle and spinal stagnation and improves blood flow & can help increase work productivity.


Walking is Good, So Let’s Keep Moving!

by admin on March 24, 2016

Walking is good.

Recent university studies show that taking a steady walk for at least two minutes every hour an positively decrease the negative effects with prolonged sitting.  Those detriments, spinal/muscle stiffness and decreased blood flow in the body’s trunk and legs, cannot be determined by just standing in one place without movement(i.e., standing desks/work stations).  Small, two-minute activity breaks, such as walking, cleaning, light calisthenics and gardening, are beneficial.

These two minutes an hour are associated with a 33% lower risk of death so let’s all keep moving.


Structure Relates To Function – Houston Chiropractic Care

December 6, 2015

Good structure maintains good function. In all machinery there is a precision to how that machine works. The same is true for the human machine. A car, for instance, that has poor engine timing or is driven on an unbalanced tire, initially is not noticed but after a time it begins to affect the overall […]

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Auto Accident Pain? Chiropractic Care May Provide Pain Relief

December 3, 2015

A Car Accident Injury Can Be Conservatively Treated With Houston Chiropractic Care Car accidents are serious matters, and a tremendous amount of frustration and pain can result from them. It is Dr. Werner’s goal simplify things for you,  we work with auto insurance or injury attorneys who may be helping with your claim. Why Houston Residents Choose […]

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Frozen Shoulder Stages You Need To Know

June 16, 2015

There are typically three different stages of frozen shoulder, each lasting up to several months. Any shoulder movement can cause pain during the freezing stage, and you may notice a limited range of motion. During the frozen stage, it becomes more difficult to use your shoulder, as it becomes stiffer, although you should experience less […]

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Text Messaging and Neck Pain

March 24, 2015

Are You a Texter? Did you know that poor posture from text messaging can cause spine problems and neck pain? ‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine writes Lindsey Bever of the Washington Post. “The human head weighs about a dozen pounds. But as the neck bends forward and down, the […]

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Causes and Symptoms of a Stiff Neck

March 12, 2015

If you find it difficult to move your head from side to side, and have soreness in the neck as well as pain the arm or shoulder and a headache, you may be suffering from a stiff neck. Many people with a stiff neck find it easier to turn their entire body if they are […]

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Food Choices and Lifestyle Changes for Better Overall Health

January 10, 2015

Eating a healthy diet has always been the way to develop a healthier body. Simple changes can make a difference in how your body feels. A proper diet can prevent a long list of diseases. Try by adding one healthy food to your list of foods. Eat a piece of fruit instead of a candy […]

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Chiropractic for Hand, Arm and Shoulder Pain

December 10, 2014

Chiropractic for Hand, Arm and Shoulder Pain Chiropractic is known for its ability to relieve hand, arm and shoulder issues. However, people should note that it does not simply treat these conditions like conventional medicine. Chiropractic for arm and shoulder pain goes one step further by looking at overall health of each patient to get […]

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Understanding Chiropractic?

December 10, 2014

The Philosophy of Chiropractic Care Table of Contents Chiropractic or Conventional Medicine An Overview of Chiropractic Care The chiropractic philosophy emphasizes the idea that the body has a natural tendency to seek proper balance throughout all bodily systems, and that the systems of the body are designed to work together. A second principle states that […]

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